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Lots 288 - 291,
Catalogue of Stamp Auction #82, June 21, 2019. Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
288  80 var
1920, Allegory of Science and Agriculture, 500h deep green, opened pre-printing paper fold, postally used, expertized by Dr. Gilbert, in addition Hradcany imperforated proof with double (one inverted)impression of 5h and 15h, both are fresh and VF
289  584
1953, Death of President K. Gottwald, imperforated proof of 1.50k in black, unaccepted design, printed on thick glazed paper, bottom right corner margin copy, no gum as issued, VF, expertized by F. Benes
290 (*)   2527 var
1984, Los Angeles Olympic Games, 1k multicolored, unissued stamp due to boycott of the Games by Communist countries, minor usual corner flaws, unused, no gum as always exists, VF and rare, vast majority of these stamps were completely destroyed, J. Majer certificate, Yvert #2600 var, €7,500
291  1-3, a, var

Legion Post in Siberia

1919-20, Cathedral, Armored Train and Soldier, 25k-1r, small study includes 43 mint stamps, representing imperforated and perforated original issues and perforated reprints of various types (all identified),fresh quality, full OG, NH or hinged, F/VF
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