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Lots 91 - 100,
Catalogue of Stamp Auction #80, December 14, 2018. Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
91  2L50-52
1948, "Kwantung Postal Administration", surcharges in red, black or green on Manchukuo stamps, $20/2f light green, $50/4f yellow green and $100/20f, complete set of three, nice and fresh, full OG, LH, mostly VF, C.v. $1,900
92 (*)   2L70-71
1949, Stalin's Birthday, 20y purple and 20y rose red, complete set of two, affixed over a part of commemorative booklet, mostly VF, C.v. $180++
93 **   2L72-76
1950, Gate of Heavenly Peace, 10y-100y, complete set of five, the "key" stamp with right sheet margin, nice condition, no gum as produced, NH, VF, C.v. $735
94 */U   Yang #NC5/413

North China

1937-50, 330 mint and used stamps, 16 covers and 2 unused stationery postcards, starting with Chin-Cha-Ki Border area issues, Large and Small Victory stamps with numerous varieties and later surcharges, Chairman Mao perforated and imperforated sets, Tangshan surcharges on Dr. Sun Yat-sen stamps, Bird over the Globe items, two pre-paid postal receipts in blue and gray violet (no guarantee), Farmer Plowing, Chairman Mao stamps and further surcharges, then nice range of Beijing surcharges on Dr. Sun Yat-sen stamps, Labor Day, Communist Party issues and more, minor flaws possible on used items, overall fresh condition, mainly no gum as issued, F/VF
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95    Yang #NC19, NC25
1946, native cover with original enclosure from Hebei Prov. to Beijing, franked by two horizontal pairs of large ($4 vermilion) and small ($1 pale red) Victory issue, cancelled by "25.6.46", Beijing "29.6.46" arrival marking, minor conveyance flaws, mostly VF
96    Yang #NC120, NC123
1949, native cover from Tangshan (suburb of Tientsin) to Beijing, franked by a single of $2000 on $500 and vertical pair of $5000 on $500, each one with large space between characters, tied by Tangshan date stamp, Beijing"25.3.49" arrival marking, mostly VF
97    Yang #NC292-93, NC295
1949, native cover from Jinyuan (Shanxi Prov.) to Beijing, franked altogether by 13 surcharges (second set) on Farmer Plowing stamps, including $30 on $10,000 purple in block of ten and a single, all appropriate markings and arrival ds, VF and scarce
98    Yang #NC318, NC327, NC353
1949, native cover from Baoding (Hebei Prov.) to Beijing, franked by four values, including "Chinese People Post" surcharge $12 on $200 violet red, tied by Baoding ds, Beijing "15.5.49" arrival marking, mostly VF
99    1000 var

Unlisted Inner Mongolia Local issue

1949, red band cover from Jiuyuan district of Baotou to Beijing, franked by five (block of four and a single) Silver Yuan black surcharges 5c on Dr. Sun Yat-sen $20,000 orange, each one with text at the top obliterated by violet ink, tied by Jiuyuan date stamp "16.10.49" in Chinese, postmarked on arrival by "9.11.49" Beijing marking, opened for display, mainly VF and with high probability unique item, Chinese guarantee hs
100 */U   4L1/68

Northwest China

1945-49, almost 100 mint or used stamps and four covers (one - defected), nice range of Pagoda in Yenan issues with further surcharges, overprints on "no value indicated" transports and Dr. Sun Yat-sen stamps, and finally Mao and Great Wall set, minor flaws possible on used material, fresh condition unit, F/VF
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