Raritan  Stamps, Inc. is an Philatelic Auction House and Stamp Dealers 
	in Worldwide stamps and postal history. Raritan Stamps, Inc. conducts quarterly Stamp Auctions with about 1500 lots of 
	rare stamps and covers.

Raritan Stamps, Inc.

Raritan Stamps, Inc.

International Philatelic Auction House.

Live Auction Entrance

Auction #100 will be held on April 24-26, 2024.

Live Bidding of the Auction #100 will be conducted on two platforms: BidSpirit and Stamp Auction Network websites simultaneously.

You can choose any of these websites and have three options to register for participating in the Live Auction.

Option 1
Participation via Live Bidding request from our website.

The Live Bidding Auction provider for this option is the BidSpirit.
If you do not have an account at Bidspirit.com you can go to Our Live Bidding Page and register there for Live bidding.

We will approve your request.
Once you receive the confirmation of your approval, you can go to Our Live Bidding Page, enter your login credentials and access the Live Bidding.
You can access the ACTUAL Live Auction one hour before the start of each section.


Option 2
Participation via Bidspirit.com

If you have a Bidspirit.com account, you can bid in our Live Auction directly on the Bidspirit.com website. Please go to one of our Auction pages:
Raritan Stamps Auction #100-1
Raritan Stamps Auction #100-2
Raritan Stamps Auction #100-3
and press the button "Get an approval from the auction house". Your request will be processed immediately.

If you do not have an account, you need to create a new one here.
After receiving confirmation e-mail to start using the site's services, please activate your account by clicking the account activation button in e-mail. After clicking this button you will be asked to submit your personal information.
After registration is done, please go to the Raritan Stamps page and press the button "Get an approval from the auction house". Your request will be processed immediately.


Option 3
Participation via StampAuctionNetwork.com

If you would like to bid through StampAuctionNetwork you have to register here and put a checkmark of Raritan Stamps during the registration.

If you already registered at Stamp Auction Network please make sure that you send a request to bid with Raritan Stamps, Inc. To do so, pick MySAN in the menu. Update Registration and mark Raritan Stamps, Inc., (see picture below) and save your registration at the bottom of this page.

SAN menu

We will approve your request and after that, you would be able to participate in the Live Bidding on SAN.
To participate in the auction, you would need to access the catalog of our current Auction
( link to the Catalogue #100) during the time of the auction and click on "Join the Public Auction in Progress..." link


Live Bidding Auction Schedule

April 24 , 2024

11:00 AM 5:00 PM

Lots #1-552
Worldwide Air Post Stamps and Postal History, Philatelic Items of United States, Great Britain, British Commonwealth, including valuable BNA and Canada

April 25 , 2024

11:00 AM 5:00 PM

Lots #553-1019
Countries of the World from Afghanistan to Portuguese Colonies, including outstanding Carpatho-Ukraine, desirable China and PR of China, Part One of the Czechoslovakia Collection, strong French Colonies and German Occupation issues, delightful Italy, Liberia and Liechtenstein

April 26 , 2024

11:00 AM 5:00 PM

Lots #1020-1509
Countries of the World from Russia to Vietnam, including Russian Imperial Stationery and Romanov Dynasty rarities, neat Soviet Union with Semi-Postal and Air Post representing many never hinged items, beautiful Ukraine with classic and modern treasures, eye-catching Worldwide Topical Collections

Raritan Stamps, Inc.